Business-ideas —


I'm trying to start one or more free software businesses, but I have too many business ideas. So I figured that I would mention a few here. Someone should try to start some of these business ideas, because I can't do all of them.

Business ideas

  • An automated web app to assign copyright to GNU. It would be a pay what you want service.

  • A GNU/Hurd web hosting service. I own, so please let me know, if you would like to help make this a reality.

  • Sell GNU/Linux distribution specific laptops. Every GNU/Linux distribution should have a laptop available for purchase.

  • An open source dating web app.  The entire app is open source, but it has some premium features, like a video introduction or a video date option.
  • An Emacs starter kit. Doom Emacs is quite possible the coolest starter kit that I know of. They should be trying to sell this or at least make it pay what you want.