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Do you like this blog or these videos ? Do you dislike money? Would you care to support this blog and video production? Awesome! Because I have some services for you. Please note, that not all of these services are currently live. Singing up for these helps me gage interest. Each of these services is available in guix system, so it's just a matter of turning each service on. Just email me if you'd like to try any one of these services: joshua AT dismail DOT de

Static Website Hosting

I will host your static website on my guix system server (that runs this site). I'll charge $3/month. There are a ton of static site generators out there, you can click on these below to get started building your site.

Status: live

An XMPP Account

I offer an XMPP account (formerly known as jabber) for $1/month. Once you get signed up, then you can talk to anyone with an XMPP account. Including the fabulous Christine Lemmer Webber! You could also pair your new XMPP account with a account. That will make your phone bill $4/month!

Status: Working!

Battle for Wesnoth Server

The Battle for Wesnoth is one of the most popular turn based strategy game, where users attempt to control an ever larger region. You can play my on my Wesnoth server for $10/month.

Status: not set up

Network File System Server

NFS (network file system) to back up your files. NFS is puts all your file on a remote server, so you can access it from any computer. You can have access to 5GB of space for $5/month.

Status: not set up

An Email Account

email service. This is not a fastmail or gmail alternative. You will need an email client like Thunderbird or Claws mail. But you will not be subject to your google overlords. $3/month.

Status: Working! Currently does not offer spam filtering or mail filtering.

5 Email Aliases

Email aliases let you sign up for various subscriptions and news items. If you alias starts to get over-bloated, you can always delete it. $2/month.

Status: not set up

Your own Git Repository

This git repository service won't be as pretty as others, bit it'll work. $3/month.

Status: not set up

Mumble Chat Server

The low latency high quality voice chat server. This is a chat server that is popular with many gamers. If you are a gamer and want to set up a chat server with your friends, then perhaps this service is for you. $10/month.

Status: not set up

Dictionary Server

Dictionary server. $1/month.

Status: not set up