Guix System Server —

Guix System Server

by Joshua Branson — August 29, 2020

So a little while ago, Christopher Lemmer Webber, wrote on the guix-help mailing list that he had found a way to use linode's to run guix system. That got me super excited! I quickly followed his guide, and set up my guix system server. It is currently serving this website and gnu-hurd. You can find the guix configuration files for this server here. You can find the source code for both of those sites here and here.

I must say the experience is pretty awesome! I had to ask on the #guix irc chatroom about how to set up certbot, and civodul was super helpful. Actually the #guix chatroom is usually super helpful. If you ever have any questions, then you should hang out there.

Also, I did create a guix patch to the guix cookbook to set up running guix system on a linode. Until it is merged, you can get the directions here.

My patch has now been merged here. You should try out guix system on your server too. It's really easy.